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Building scrapbook: any class '86-'90 so far

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Countdown to Supreme Court Dr NAD isn't noted as a free speech activist, but he & this org. find indecency deplorable–visit 'em.
Dr. NAD @ Home
click ND Love Machine Photos (incl. thumbnail gallery) of Dr. NAD's custom-built 1/10th monster truck with Notre Dame freakshow design. Plus original digital artwork thereof.
Liberty Falls miniature collectibles - virtual cybertour.
Hi-quality, digital photo "tour" of these 3½-inch, detailed miniature village collectibles. Liberty Falls is a fictional, Old-west mining town. Text narration by Dr. NAD. Superb for kids.
Miniature Winter Village
NAD's winter village at his homeNAD's Xmas village at his home
(25K) click to zoom (18K)
(here's a gallery)
Illuminated collectibles on a custom-built platform (the only lasting snow in Mississippi) from the living room of Dr. NAD's nonvirtual pad.

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