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cool clickable photo map of EMs and 3-color immunofluorescence cell
Prospective Cancer Drug
Dr. NAD's most recent work, at the front end of very early research following discovery. Is it worth pursuing? Comparisons with other chemotherapeutic agents.

Hi-Power Electron Microscopy
Cell ultrastructure at  >10,000X !

Microtubule-organizing centers.
Animal centrosome vs. plant blepharoplast in developing fern sperm

Cell wall (saccharide) synthesis.
Cultured tobacco (BY-2) cells adapted to survive on herbicide.

MultiColor Light Microscopy
The sexy material of the site!
Cells lit up in multi-color fluorescence!

Animations of confocal images!
See all angles as cells spin 360°.
New additions 18 March 1997.

Conventional immunofluorescence.
Gorgeous, deep, colorful pictures.
Technology : pics without photography.

Dr. NAD's Mini-Course
Featuring novice-friendly explanation.
Fully indexed by a table of contents.
Illustrations, animations, & related links.
What Dr. NAD studies, including how plant cells contribute to overall plant growth.
You may not be excited by plants, or you may not understand how they grow...dispell despair, friends!

Curriculum Vitae, Resumé
CV is fully indexed: links to published and unpublished research (abstracts, figures, legends, text, posters...).
Expert in high-content screning.
PhD Biology (cell biol./biochem.).

Research Odyssey
Comfortably brief, illustrated tour of Dr. NAD's publications while in grad school (some Publication Excerpts condensed)

Publication Excerpts
Abstracts, figs. & legends - all indexed.
click here A calmodulin-sensitive interaction between microtubules and a higher plant homolog of elongation factor-1-alpha
click here REPLY:  A MAP by any other name would still bind to microtubules (refereed editorial response)
click here Beyond translation: elongation factor-1-alpha and the cytoskeleton (solicited review article)
click here In situ immunocytochemical evidence that a homolog of elongation factor EF-1-alpha is associated with microtubules in carrot cells
click here Elongation factor-1-alpha stabilizes microtubules in a calcium/calmodulin-dependent manner (2nd author)
click here Writing in the biology curriculum (manual for ~1200 undergrads; coauthor)

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