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    The Ethics Of Citation: A Matter Of Science's Family Values
    BARRY A. PALEVITZ in The Scientist (6/9/97)

    R. Cyr, awarded for teaching excellence

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    Dr. NAD's Links
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    Highest Recommendation:
    The Biology Project
    A web textbook of biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, human biology, genetics, immunology, and molecular biology. See if you learned anything by taking follow-up quizzes.

    Science World of Discovery
    Science World of Discovery
    , a grab-bag of wonderful science stuff and links

    Huang Zhong's superb collection of on-line JOURNALS links, + Mol. Bio. Lab Tools

    topLinks to CELL BIOLOGY

    Virtual Cell - HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION to learn about cells - uses EM and other illustrative techniques, great experience
    CELLS alive! (popular site, includes animation)
    The Nanoworld Home Page multiple award-winning site to appreciate the microscopic
    Dictionary of Cell Biology
    Course/Tutorial on Cell Biology
    Mitosis(textbook lesson)
    Cell and Molecular Biology Online- Current Research (links to sites)
    Instructional science photos- Fantastic - best I've seen
    Drosophila Embryogenesis- Gif89a Time Lapse Sequence
    fish embryogenesis animations (Developmental Landmarks Menu)
    HHMI Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education


    What is the cytoskeleton? (a textbook graphic)
    The Cytoskeleton (textbook lesson)
    Microtubule Top Ten List
    Alexei Mikhailov's "The world of live microtubules" cell motility focus, some animated GIFs
    Microtubules on the web...
    What are microtubules? (nice explanatory graphics) Links to other useful pages; e.g., limited annotated bibliography, concerned with meta-science
    Kinesin HomePage
    Centrioles (textbook lesson)
    Mitotic Disruptors (a college course lecture)
    See also EMs On-Line

    Researchers (links to MICROTUBULES/CYTOSKELETON)
    Barry A. Palevitz (plant cytoskeleton)
    John Harper (plant cell biologist)
    Adrienne Hardham's Home Page (plant pathology)
    Brian Larkins (seed development)
    Richard J. Cyr (plant cytoskeleton, and hell of a nice guy)
    rapport 95 CNRS AM Lambert, M Vantard et al. (work summaries; plant microtubule cytoskeleton)
    Mitchison Lab Home Page (including sweet graphics and animations) Actin, Microtubules, Cell Motility, Dynamics, Mitosis, Chromosomes, Kinetochores, Xenopus, links to cell biology journals)
    Richard Vallee (Lab into microtubule motors dynein, dynamin)
    Olmsted Lab Homepage cell morphogenesis, MAP-4, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP); links to on-line articles; graphics and animation
    Melissa Melan (Lab into plant cytoskeleton)
    Susan Wick (plant tubulin cytoskeleton)
    Louis C. Morejohn (plant tubulin biochemistry/microtubule protein) - slow link
    Borisy Lab Group (general cytoskeleton)
    Robley C. Williams, Jr., Dynamic Instability and MAPs

    topLinks to PLANT GROWTH

    More plant tropism
    Onion root microscopic xs.; mitotic
    Super collection of plant pix (macro and micro)
    Dancing snapdragons (1.8MB mpg)
    Virtual Plant Cell
    Bean plant anatomy
    Plants in Action (ad for buying video)
    MOV clip of time-lapse
    Visual Models of Morphogenesis: Animations
    Callose synthesis animation - The CEN Movie Warehouse (slow link)
    Virtual Plants: 3D Measurement and Simulation of Morphogenesis
    Cellulose biosynthesis in higher plants (slow link)

    topLinks to EMs ON-LINE

    MTs below cell wall
    Mitosis cell plate
       click here — a gallery of cutting-edge, hi-power microscopy


    Confocal image formats and animation? (Zeiss and BioRad)
    Links to other confocal sites
    Confocal imaging system
    Examples: Confocal imaging system muscle cells, spindle
    Confocal Principles (best explanatory animations/graphics)
    Carl Zeiss Dr. NAD's LSM 410 provider

    topLinks to JOURNALS

    Biological Journals On-Line
    Scientific Journal Links
    Protoplasma et al.
    The Journal of Cell Biology
    Journal of Biological Chemistry
    Springer-Verlag Journals Preview Service
    Welcome to THE SCIENTIST
    Welcome to BioMedNet Cell and Molecular Biology Online - Electronic Publications links to journal with on-line features

    topLinks to COMPANIES

    Molecular Probes
    Tektronix Inc.
    Welcome to Intel
    Adobe Homepage
    Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

    topLinks to MISCELLANEOUS

    The English Language in Cyberspace Wrong: "reason why"; "that" vs "which," and more
    Joe Verica: Plant researcher and Modern Renaissance Man
    Excellent literary author - Modica
    House of Spank! Chris Fillio, sports, Notre Dame, et al.
    Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
    SchoolHouse Rock - The Unofficial Site
    Computer Virus Myths home page
    The Franklin Institute Science Museum
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