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The ND Love Machine goes airborne!
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click here for video of the ND Love Machine goin' airborne!

Welcome to the ND Love Machine's feature pages.

What is the ND Love Machine?
It's a 1/10th scale, rechargeable NiCd battery-powered, radio-controlled monster truck that I fully assembled (from a Kyosho Tracker - cheaper, "low-end, entry-level" hobby kit) on which I did the custom painting and decal work, designed for off-road racing on scaled down tracks.

Its features are pointed out in the following pages.

The image above was not produced from action shots, but rather is some computer artwork I produced from these still shots digitally captured with a CCD camera (which is how all the images herein were obtained), and worked over some extraneous backgrounds.

NEW 5/21/97: VIDEO
The ND Love Machine goes airborne!

Color Photo Gallery

Here's some more departing artwork if you don't wish to proceed to these still shots and to where they lead.

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