Protoplasma , Vol. 180 , No. 3-4 , 1994

N. A. Durso and R. J. Cyr

Beyond translation: Elongation factor-1-alpha and the cytoskeleton

Review Article

Figure & detailed legend
An EF-1-alpha homolog from carrot bundles plant microtubules (MTs), and calcium/calmodulin (Ca2+/CaM) abolishes the bundling.
While reported interactions of elongation factor-1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) with various other molecules involved in protein biosynthesis are abundant, its interactions with major cytoskeletal proteins have not been as extensively examined. Major roles for EF-1-alpha in cytoskeletal organization emerge from a review of such interactions within species as diverse as slime molds and mammals, sea urchins and higher plants. Based on these studies, the integration of EF-1-alpha's cytoskeletal roles with those of translation is considered, and prospective mechanisms for regulation of EF-1-alpha's cytoskeletal associations are discussed.
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Reproduced with permission.
(from Durso and Cyr, 1994, Protoplasma 180: 99-105)
Elongation factor-1-alpha; Cytoskeleton; Protein translation; Microtubules; Actin; Calmodulin.

EF elongation factor; RNP ribonucleoprotein particle; MT microtubule; MA mitotic apparatus; CaM calmodulin; MAP microtubule-associated protein.

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