Description: Dr. NAD's Trivia Challenge contest's categories include TV television, movies, politics, education, the English language, sports, history, current events, religion, and other miscellaneous potluck. Answer by E-Z form. Winners are featured. Submit future items. Contributors publicized. Renewed regularly. Try back issues. Answers are annotated.

The 3 categories

Back issues are retired and the winners are featured, but they can be played for fun, and the answers are annotated.

These issues are recent and currently playable. Depending on demand, (1) they'll be retired and their winners featured, or (2) they'll remain Challenge issues.

Challenge Issues:
These have endured as Heats. They were so adored that they have not yet been retired. They will remain currently playable, and top scores will be posted and the scorers will be featured on respective issues' pages. If you place well, you'll be added.


*BEZERK! - WIN'95 only*
TV freaks - win prizes
Dr Seuss trivia game
The Puzzler. Awesome
Bud-The King o' Beers
80's trivia


Winners' features, back issues (play 'em anyway! guaranteed fun), annotated answers
(Current issues under challenge, below)

Issue 01
Score: 8/10
Joe Verica
Baby born 12/31/96
Issue 02
Score: 7/10
Joe Meyer
Item contributed by:
Joe Verica
Jitender Bhatia
Franck Dayan
Score: 12/12
Sean-dog Donnelly


Issue 03
Score: 8/10
Co-winners: Mike Napierkowski, MD & Craig Rogers
Item contributed by:
Joe Verica
Issue 04
Score: 8/10
Co-winners: Jack Hay & Johnny "Fienrock" Fever
Item contributed by:
Joe Verica, Franck Dayan, Matthew Miller, C-Stone Fillio, Dr Pepper (Harry), The Polishhammer (Mike Napierkowski, MD)
Issue 05
Score: 8/10
Joe Verica
Item contributed by:
Joe Verica
Current, playable issues.

Issue 06 - Miscellaneous (2nd newest)

Challenges (Issue 09 new 5/8/97)
Issue 07 - * Generation X, Kids' TV *
Issue 08 - * By-gone TV Ads/Commercials & Products * Issue 09 - * Gen X's TV male actors, sci-fi, + more *

* All items: Identify amazing pictures (but small: most are <5K, only 3 are 6-10K).

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