Cyber-album: Dr. NAD's Vancouver '97 Troupe
This is a private site!
And there will be no last names, addresses (e-mail or otherwise). Please do not reveal these pages' locations to anyone without permission from all participants. For now, send an e-mail or web form message to Dr. NAD with your request, including the name and a bio-sketch of the proposed so that others can assess whether they ought to have reservations. Dr. NAD will distribute the proposal to all participants. Later, a more formal protocol that seeks permission from the other participants in the project will be available. Pretty much all the participants have given their consent to show pictures of themselves explicitly only to other participants.
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Here is the plan for interactively developing the site.
  1. The release of various picture collections – "Issues" – will be announced periodically by e-mail.
  2. The issue will be open for submissions of captions for a reasonable period.
  3. The issue then closes for caption submissions, and opens for voting/ranking of submitted captions for a reasonable period.
  4. The ranking results will be posted/updated on each picture's page in that issue, while another issue is launched and announced. This will permit latecomer participation in prior issues. When late submissions on past issues accumulate, notice will be posted in the What's New section.
This process enables a reasonably incremental nagging rate by e-mails! At the moment, there are 12 pictures in the debut Volume of Vancouver '97 ready to go, and release of three at a time – four issues – is anticipated. Subsequent volumes will depend on interest reflected by participation levels.


Cyber-album: Dr. NAD's Vancouver '97 Troupe
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