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A Notre Dame Carroll Hall Vermin Picture Image Gallery (1986-90)

Not the "official" Carroll Hall site.

NEW September '98: Special Feature:
Dr. Harry Pepper's ('89) band records CD! (sound clip sample!)

Favoritism Disclaimer
The source of these images is a personal collection of photos of Notre Dame Carroll Hall Vermin and related themes, taken when a Kodak Disc camera was all the rage, so the quality of most photos sucked. Only those that survived digitization recognizably appear. Wish to contribute to the collection? There is no intended restriction within reason. If you lack e-mail, send a message via the form at the bottom of this page.

Viewing Options
The album is, of course, graphics-heavy (~176KB of image files originally). Nevertheless, the recommended viewing regime is Full-pix teaser followed by Full-annotation (i.e., with descriptive "captions").

Full-pix teaser
All pix appear with brief who/where hints. Use to quiz yourself about the pix before revealing full annotations. Fear not: proceeding from the teaser to the fully annotated, images are already in the browser's cache, requiring no lengthy re-loading. Only some of the (relatively rapidly-loading) full-annotation text will be new.

The images are the same as those in Full-pix teaser, but fuller descriptions of the pix are revealed. Though the intended mode for viewing the gallery, this is the largest file, requiring the longest loading time.

Briefly descriptive text index
The least recommended viewing option, descriptive links of a few words are listed. Each link leads to the naked image file; i.e., only the single, selected image is shown, without any description. Then, the browser's "Back" button is required to return to the list and select another single image without annotation. Etcetera.

Quick message: update, add link, correct inaccurate info. Include your e-mail if so desired:

(For more lengthy purposes, use e-mail.)

©1996 Neil A Durso, III

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